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When Vic Jose and Rick Ahaus learned that more than 40 percent of children in Wayne County were NOT prepared to learn when they started school, they tackled that issue with the same intensity they put into making sure that third graders were reading at or above grade level before they started fourth grade.

Study after study showed that children who are read to from birth are more prepared to learn than their peers who are not read to. Since reading with children seemed to be the answer, Vic and Rick set about designing a program that encouraged parents to read, put books into homes and provided tips for effective reading.

Since then, K-Ready has distributed thousands of books to children in Wayne County.

Mission Statement

 K-Ready’s goal is to increase the number of Wayne County children who enter school prepared to learn.

Vision Statement

 K-Ready encourages parents and caregivers to read with their children 20 minutes every day from the
day they are born. We provide children age four and younger with FREE age appropriate books and
adults with tips for reading effectively with their children. By partnering with local health care providers,
schools, and civic organizations we will strive to reach every family with young children in Wayne County.



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