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Every Child Can Read, Inc. (ECCR) believes in opening a world of opportunities by growing a love of reading in young readers.
Every Child Can Read, Inc. is  a non-profit 501(c) 3 organization.

Our Programs

3rd Grade Academy

When Vic Jose and Rick Ahaus learned that more than 40 percent of children in Wayne County were NOT prepared to learn when they started school, they tackled that issue with great intensity and created the K-Ready program.

K-Ready’s goal is to increase the number of Wayne County children who enter school prepared to learn.

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In 2007, concerned citizens led by Rick Ahaus and Vic Jose formed an independent, voluntary, community-based program with a single focus: to have all third-grade students in Richmond reading on grade level by the time they enter the fourth grade. They created a 501 (c) 3 organization to fund the first The Reading Academy.

The Reading Academy’s goal is to ensure that every Third Grader in Richmond knows how to read at grade level by the end of third grade.

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Recent News and Photos

Every Child Can Read
Every Child Can Read13 hours ago
How cool is this? There is so much to explore at Morrison Reeves Library. STEM activity tubs for teens are now available at MRL Youth Services. If you are not interested in STEM activities, check out the others available- Arts, crafts, poetry and more!!
Every Child Can Read
Every Child Can Read
Every Child Can Read3 days ago
The world’s favorite librarian is celebrating her 76th birthday today. “Happy Birthday Dear Dolly. Happy Birthday To You! Thank you for the millions of books you have given to children around the world. 🎉 🎂 🎉
Every Child Can Read
Every Child Can Read4 days ago
Readings doesn’t come easy for everyone. It can be a great source of anxiety and stress for many young readers. Here are a few tips to help struggling readers boost their confidence.
Every Child Can Read
Every Child Can Read1 week ago
Richmond’s Winter Meltdown Ice Festival Countdown has begun! 11 Days until the streets are filled with families enjoying unique ice sculptures, winter activities and Ice Fights at Elstro Park. Get a jump start on the free, family fun with the Meltdown Coloring Contest. Print, color and create your Meltdown Masterpiece for your chance to win.
#11Days #RichmondMeltdown

"We wanted to design a program that encouraged parents to read, put books into homes and provided tips for effective reading."

- Rick Ahaus, Board Member and Founder