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Every Child Can Read, Inc. (ECCR) believes in opening a world of opportunities by growing a love of reading in young readers.
Every Child Can Read, Inc. is  a non-profit 501(c) 3 organization.

Our Programs

3rd Grade Academy

When Vic Jose and Rick Ahaus learned that more than 40 percent of children in Wayne County were NOT prepared to learn when they started school, they tackled that issue with great intensity and created the K-Ready program.

K-Ready’s goal is to increase the number of Wayne County children who enter school prepared to learn.

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In 2007, concerned citizens led by Rick Ahaus and Vic Jose formed an independent, voluntary, community-based program with a single focus: to have all third-grade students in Richmond reading on grade level by the time they enter the fourth grade. They created a 501 (c) 3 organization to fund the first Third Grade Academy.

The Third Grade Academy’s goal is to ensure that every Third Grader in Richmond knows how to read at grade level by the end of third grade.

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Every Child Can Read
Every Child Can Read is at Wayne County, Indiana, Foundation.12 hours ago
Wayne County, Indiana, Foundation
Every dollar counts because every child matters. It is our goal ensure Every Child Can Read by giving free books to children age birth to five. Begin Monday, November 1st through November 9th your donations will be matached during The Wayne County Foundation’s Challenge Match. This is an incredible opportunity to invest in the future of our community. All financial gifts must be dated between November 1 and November 9 to qualify for the challenge match. Checks might be payable to Every Child Can Read located at 33 South 7th Street Richmond, IN 47374. To learn more and to donate online during the match period visit
Every Child Can Read
Every Child Can Read1 day ago
Great News! We are honored to have been selected by the Wayne County Foundation to participate in their 2021 Challenge Match! We’ve been given the opportunity to earn $5000 from the foundation. Your generous donation they’ll be matched during the time period of November 1st through November 9th. We appreciate the opportunity and your continued support in helping children of Wayne County receive free books from birth to five with Every Child Can Read.
Every Child Can Read
Every Child Can Read4 days ago
It’s the perfect weekend to stop by MRL Youth Service and checkout Spooky Stories from The Hainted House Books Collection.
Every Child Can Read
Every Child Can Read5 days ago
Calling all new parents and parents to be, don’t miss the Community Baby Shower for you chance yo win a free crib. Enjoy refreshments, learn about community resources, games, prizes and gift bags. It’s a special day to honor growing families and the new lives entering this world. Hope to see you there.
Every Child Can Read
Every Child Can Read6 days ago
Daddies love their daughters just the way they are.

"We wanted to design a program that encouraged parents to read, put books into homes and provided tips for effective reading."

- Rick Ahaus, Board Member and Founder